Welcome to WOWO Mandarin School

Kevin (USA)

WOWO Mandarin makes the learning experience very enjoyable by not relying constantly on the textbook. The idea is to build up students conversational ability and the teacher's special method and repetition has help expand my vocabulary. I really enjoy the enthusiasm of the language instructors and the comfort of the classrooms. In addition, the style of teaching is helping me to quickly improve my Mandarin.


I wanted to study Chinese for pleasure as I am very interested in Chinese culture. I have really enjoyed the practical, communicative approach of WOWO Mandarin and friendliness of everyone at the school. I would absolutely recommend WOWO Mandarin to my friends. WOWO Mandarin teaches practical, everyday language that has enable me to communicate effectively with friends and colleagues.

Orianne (France)

This year I was awarded an arts scholarship to come to Shanghai. When I’m not in my workshop modeling I’m taking Chinese classes at WOWO. The reason I picked this school is because of the friendly atmosphere and my trial lesson with Crystal went very smoothly. She teaches to a very high standard and I enjoy coming to school three times a week. I feel myself progressing and I hope to continue for as long as I am in China.

Gonzalo (Spain)

I've been studying in this school for a year now and couldn't be happier!! You get quite a good price and teachers are really good!! I've tried a couple of schools before - definitely not as good as WOWO. I work in an EU Chamber of Commerce and always recommend WOWO Mandarin to everyone!! Proud to say that with little effort I've already passed the HSK3, I'll pass HSK4 on July. Thanks to Tracy and Mandy for making my "Chinese study experience" so easy and special!!

Steven (Columbia)

I just graduated from Shanghai University, at school we had Chinese lessons, but it’s study with many other students, and for me it’s not the good way to learn Chinese. So I need private tutor to improve my Chinese, WOWO mandarin offered me the best teacher I’ve ever had, Crystal is a wonderful teacher, always be patient with me, I learned a lot from her. Xie Xie Lao Shi!