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Chinese Family party 3月17日孝亲尊师第7次茶话会


Chinese family part


Venue:  WOWO Mandarin 汉语巢

 Address: Rm. 503, No. 358 Jiaozhou Rd. Jing’an district.

 Venue and Address in Chinese: 静安区胶州路3581号楼503(靠近武定路) 

Venue tel: 52286721

 Email: info@wowomandarin.com


When: Saturday Mar.17 from 1:30pm to 16:00pm

 Metro: Line 7 Chang Ping Road Station, Exit 2, around 5 minutes walking from Metro to WOWO Mandarin 地铁7号线昌平路站,2号出口,大概5分钟步行到汉语巢


Join us for “Chinese Family party” on Saturday Mar. 17 starting at 1:30pm and seize this opportunity to make new friends and practice your Chinese. And you also can learn Chinese culture with native Chinese people.


We’ll prepare some drinks, figure food, and you are also free to bring some refreshments and drinks with you in order to share with others.


This party will be an excellent platform for you to forge new connections, meet new friends and possible can expand your career. Everyone is welcomed.


Please forward this message to someone who might be interested in it.

We look forward to seeing you.


       为弘扬中华优秀文化,共建和谐家庭、和谐社会,在各级领导的大力支持下,应广大朋友们的预约和要求,我们的孝亲尊师读书茶话会活动在本周六(3月17日下午1点三十分)在静安区胶州路358号1号楼503室举办第七次读书茶话会,本次茶话会的主题是“中西文化 自由交流”,与山东人唠乡情,与外国人唠中国文化、风土人情。主要以自由活动的形式进行。敬请期待  





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