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Business courses

WOWO Mandarin’s Business Chinese courses are designed for professionals working in China who are keen to communicate effectively in Mandarin with their Chinese colleagues and clients. If you are doing business in China, even basic Chinese speaking skills can go a very long way. Being able to speak to your colleagues and clients in their native tongue is a great way to make an immediate impression and will set you well on your way to building up guanxi (the important Chinese concept of relationship building) both in your workplace and beyond.  have the confidence to participate in office negotiations, or just be able to have a chat with your co-workers, then WOWO Mandarin can tailor make a Business Chinese studying program especially for you.

Now we received students who are studying different kinds of Business Courses, such as:Retails industry, Energy, Nuclear, Transportation,Medical, Finance,Management, Medicine,ect.. 

If you are already in China, you can choose to take a Business Chinese course at WOWO Mandarin with prefessional teachers.


Oskar Helling Scuba Diving Coach

Lorena Plastic surgeon