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【Chinese News】关注社会:网络书榜造假是潜规则

Many publishers in China are now pushing staff to re-purchase books they have been published through the Internet, in order to boost sales and create a false indication of sales, Beijing Business Today reported.


Recently, Chen Xiaohui, the General Manager of Beijing Cheers Books Co. Ltd., said that the book named "The King of Capital", hatched and published by their company, should have been ranked first in the Amazon business book list. The book named "The Root of the Soul! got the first place just through complimentary activities by Dangdang.com rather than through real sales.


According to sources, buying top places on the list has become an unwritten rule in the publishing industry.


Chen Xiaohui said that publishers probably sold books at half of the fixed price and re-purchased them through books-selling websites at 65% of the price. The 15% of the price difference should be paid by the publisher.


An unnamed senior editor from a publishing house said that he had analyzed top 30 books on the lists of Dangdang and Amazon. Nearly 70% of them got the places through fraud.


Another publishing house manager claimed that whether a book could enjoy long sales or not relies heavily on the content quality or else all the indications are short-term and false.