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【Chinese News】叙利亚政府军继续炮击反对派

The Syrian military pounded an opposition area near the capital Damascus on Thursday, activists said, even as the UN pressed the authorities to implement its peace plan.

Tanks shelled the suburb of Douma in an operation beginning on early Thursday morning, according to Rami Abdulrahman, of the UK-based opposition group Syrian Human Rights Observatory. The use of heavy weapons was also reported in the north of the country and in the central city of Homs.
总部设在英国的叙利亚人权观察组织(Syrian Human Rights Observatory)的拉米?阿卜杜拉曼(Rami Abdulrahman)表示,政府军坦克从周四拂晓开始炮击杜乌马(Douma)郊区。另有报道称,政府军在叙利亚北部以及位于中部的霍姆斯市(Homs)也动用了重型武器。
More than 40 people were killed in Thursday!s violence, Mr Abdulrahman said, including 19 soldiers. The Local Co-ordination Committees, an activist network, accused the regime of "systematically burning and bulldozing homes of revolutionaries" in the areas in which operations have been carried out.
阿卜杜拉曼称,逾40人死于周四的炮击,其中有19名士兵。叙利亚活动人士团体“当地协调委员会”(Local Co-ordination Committees)指责当局在作战区域“系统地焚烧和夷平革命者的家园”。
Kofi Annan, the UN and Arab League envoy, announced this week that the regime had agreed to stop using heavy weapons in residential areas and withdraw troops from there by April 10 to facilitate a ceasefire.
联合国-阿拉伯联盟叙利亚危机联合特使科菲?安南(Kofi Annan)本周宣布,叙利亚当局同意不再在居民区使用重型武器,并在4月10日前从居民区撤出军队,为停火创造条件。
The UN Security Council reportedly agreed to a non-binding statement on Thursday calling on the Syrian government to "urgently and visibly" implement its commitments "in their entirety" by April 10.
Mr Annan told the UN General Assembly that both the Syrian army and rebel fighters had to end all violence by 6am Syrian time on April 12 if the government met its agreed deadline to halt fighting two days earlier. "I urge the government and the opposition commanders to issue clear instructions so that the message reaches across the country, down to the fighter and soldier at the local level," he said.
Damascus claimed it had begun withdrawing from some areas, Mr Annan added.
Activists are sceptical about the regime!s intentions, saying it is simply using the time up until the deadline to consolidate its position on the ground.
Alain Juppé, French foreign minister, said on Thursday that he thought Mr Assad was "tricking" the international community. "He is pretending to accept Kofi Annan!s six-point plan while at the same time still using force," said Mr Juppé.
法国外长阿兰?朱佩(Alain Juppé)周四表示,他认为阿萨德正在“欺骗”国际社会。他表示:“阿萨德假装接受安南的6点计划,同时仍在使用武力。”
Mr Annan!s spokesperson Ahmad Fawzi told reporters on Thursday that the UN had asked member states to contribute troops to monitor the ceasefire, if it did take place. A UN team arrived in Damascus on Thursday to discuss the deployment of an observer mission.
安南发言人艾哈迈德?法齐(Ahmad Fawzi)周四向记者表示,如果叙利亚真的实现停火的话,联合国将要求各成员国派遣观察人员监督停火。一个联合国小组周四抵达大马士革,就部署观察团的问题展开谈判。
The mission, which would be unarmed, is expected to be dependent on the Syrian government for its security, raising questions about its ability to operate independently.