Welcome to WOWO Mandarin School

Our Teachers

We pride ourselves in having experienced and professional teachers to ensure a constantly high quality of teaching. Our faculty is made up of enthusiastic instructors who not only set out to improve your Chinese, but who are also sensitive and understanding towards your personal needs and aspirations. We value communication and open-mindedness, and aim to make students feel at ease and enjoy the language learning experience.

Let’s hear from some of our in-house staff!


Hello! My name is Crystal and I’ve been working with WOWO since the very beginning. After graduation I have been teaching Chinese for the last five years. I conduct all classes in Chinese but should the students want or need further explanations I can provide this in English or Japanese, as I speak both languages to a very high level. My experience extends across all levels of Chinese teaching and I would be very happy for you to attend a trial lesson so that we can meet. I look forward to seeing you at WOWO.


Hello! I’m Emily, from Henan province. At university I majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and I have been a certified Chinese teacher for the last 4 years. Before working in Shanghai, I taught Chinese in Thailand for 3 years. My students have come from many different countries such as Thailand, France, Britain, Australia, Spain, India, Canada, Korea, Japan, Germany and America. I am capable of teaching students of varying levels, from survival Chinese to advanced levels. I am equally capable of teaching business, culture and HSK courses. I love my work and enjoy seeing my students making progress.


My name is Vivian and I am from Shanghai. I’m a language enthusiast and have been in the teaching field since I was 18 years old. Having taught mandarin in different countries, I understand the importance of a clear methodology and I am sensitive to other cultures. As language is the carrier of culture, I also enjoy sharing elements of Chinese culture with the students.


Nice to see you here! My name is Justin. I am a qualified language tutor and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to help students of all abilities to learn Mandarin Chinese. I believe Chinese is an extremely important language in the modern world of business and culture, and in my lessons I do my best to interact with and encourage students at all times.


My name is Cathy and I consider myself to be an enthusiastic, professional teacher who has a solid educational background in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I have a master's degree and certification in Bilingual Teaching from Ningbo University. I believe it is important to inspire and motivate my students, making lessons fun and efficient. Moreover, as a professional Chinese teacher, I am always patient and helpful. My goal is to make sure that every student reaches their full potential and make Chinese learning easy and interesting.