Welcome to WOWO Mandarin School

Practical Chinese Course

WOWO Practical Chinese Courses aim to improve your daily life. Lessons focus on studying useful material and enabling students to use Chinese in the real world. Our experienced instructors are native speakers who know how to effectively teach, and who have a wealth of teaching experience. In this course you will receive systematic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Practical Chinese lessons are appropriate for beginners and more advanced students.

Elementary Level

Focuses mainly on learning the Chinese phonetic alphabet, Pinyin, and mastering the tones. Students will learn more than 800 words, 80 grammar points, spanning over 30 commonly used topics such as greetings, ordering food, directions, visiting the doctor,and more. Not only will this allow you to engage in basic daily-life conversations, but also acts as a good foundation for further study.

Intermediate Level

This level adds another 900 new words to your rapidly expanding vocabulary, along with an additional 140 grammar points. Course content includes reviewing words learned previously, mastering more difficult grammar structures, reading and understanding a short article, as well as writing a short paragraph using new words and phrases. You will be able to discuss complex conversations such as Chinese culture, arts and customs. This broader vocabulary-base will mean that you can tackle almost any topic, which presents itself in your daily life. Reading and writing will be introduced at this level.

Advanced Level

This top final level aims to enlarge your vocabulary and perfect your knowledge of sentence patterns and oral skills. You will be able to express yourself accurately under different circumstances. Reading skills will be developed so that you can read complete articles and understand them. For those who wish to improve their writing skills, the course will enable students to write complete paragraphs using appropriate words, grammar structures and sentence patterns.