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Millions share new Chinese character


The character !duang! has taken China!s internet by storm,A new word is taking the internet by storm in China - but no one knows quite what it means.

The character "duang" is so new that it does not even exist in the Chinese dictionary. But it has already spread like wildfire online in China, appearing more than 8 million times on China!s micro-blogging site Weibo, where it spawned a top-trending hashtag that drew 312,000 discussions among 15,000 users. On China!s biggest online search engine Baidu, it has been looked up almost 600,000 times. It!s been noticed in the West too, with Foreign Policy seeing it as a "break the internet" viral meme - like a certain Kim Kardashian image, or a certain multicoloured dress.

But what does it mean?

"Everyone!s duang-ing and I still don!t know what it means! Looks like it!s back to school for me," said Weibo user Weileiweito.

Another user asked: "Have you duang-ed today? My mind is full of duang duang duang."
"To duang or not to duang, that is the question," wrote user BaiKut automan.