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Traffic resumes after malfunction causes hours of delays on Line 2

METRO operator announced at 4:30pm today that they had fixed a pantograph malfunction, which had been causing delays on Metro Line 2 for hours since around noon.

Traffic is gradually resuming on Line 2, said the Metro management.

About 40 shuttle buses were dispatched to help evacuate the stranded passengers.

The malfunction was detected at around 11:45am. Stations between Guanglan Road Station and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station have been affected.

The operator said sparks had been spotted from the pantograph, but added there was no fire or collisions between trains.

The pantograph is at the top of the tunnel and supplies electricity to the trains.

The operator said trains are using one track between the affected stations, thus intervals between trains are longer than usual.

Repairs were still being made as of 2:30pm.

Buses were arranged between the affected stations to transfer passengers.

Those going to Pudong International Airport were told to take Line 7 or the Maglev.