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Don’t let work make you ill, says President Xi


PRESIDENT Xi Jinping said young people should avoid staying up late or becoming too stressed at work during a meeting with some of the country’s county-level officials.

The advice was warmly welcomed after the story and a video were posted on the People’s Daily’s microblog.

In the video, Xi recalled the huge pressures county officials must bear, speaking from experience as a county Party chief early in his career.

“I was so eager to do my job well that I often burnt night oil, but also fell ill quite often,” he said.

He came to realize that even if work piles up, one can only do one piece of work a time, “however enthusiastic you may be about the job,” he said.

Later in his career, Xi changed his schedule, making it a point to go to bed before midnight every day and starting over the next day.

The post elicited more than 8,000 “thumbs-up” and attracted many comments.

One microblogger endorsed Xi’s advice saying it was true that “we should leave whatever is unfinished by midnight to the next day.”

Another said that she was discontent with her on job. “No one wants to stay up late working, but it happens if you choose the wrong job.”

There was also a call to prohibiting working overtime past 11pm and have the rule written into law.

Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China’s Central Committee, was speaking with participants of the first seminar for county-level Party chiefs at the Party School of the Central Committee on Monday.

During the talk, Xi praised the role of county level governments while emphasizing the role officials played in ensuring efficiency.