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纠结 That’s Quite the Entanglement You’ve Got Yourself Into!


"纠结 (jiūjié)"is a newly emerging expression among young Chinese people that was first used by the animation Fansub group back in 2001. In one of the cartoons, a charactershouted "纠结啊! (jiūjié a!)” Since then, the term transitioned from being popular among animation fans, to being a popular termed widely used by the masses.

"纠结 (jiūjié)"literally expresses entangled ropes. It’s come to represent the variousfeelings that tug on our heartstrings and play with our emotions for better, orworse.

In daily life,it is quite flexible in its use as a verb, adjectiveand noun. When you find yourself indecisive when confronted with a particular choice, "纠结 (jiūjié)" can describe your state of mind.

"我很纠结 (wǒhěn jiūjié)" when they have no idea how to make a decision.

Wǒ xiǎng chī dàngāo, dàn yòu hàipà zhǎng pàng, hǎo jiūjié ya!  
糕, 害怕 胖, 纠结呀!

I want to eat that cake, but I’m afraid of getting fat.so many choices!

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