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Chinese Culture Course
  • We are currently offering two different services relating to Chinese culture.
  • 1) City Tour

  • For those with limited time in the city, we provide informative and entertaining tours of the city. It’s a great way to explore the city and Chinese culture in unison.

    We will teach you basic Chinese expressions, show you around Shanghai, bring you to Chinese restaurants, introduce all kinds of classic Chinese food, visit the museums and famous locations in Shanghai.

    During the whole process, you will be encouraged to practice and use what you have learnt during class. We will make your trip in Shanghai unforgettable and productive.
  • 2) Chinese Culture

  • Chinese Culture lessons are designed to give you a deeper understanding of various facets of Chinese culture. China is a country with a long history and fascinating customs. Learning Chinese culture will help you broaden your views and increase your knowledge about China.
  • 1) Dinner in a restaurant

    While dining out at a Chinese restaurant the first thing you notice is the chopsticks. Maybe you are already skilled in using chopsticks, but did you also know there is a proper way to use your plates, bowls, etc.?

  • 2)Travel and holiday (festivals)

    When are the Chinese holidays? What are they celebrating? How do they celebrate them?

  • 3) Dating men and women

    Have you asked or been asked out on a date with a Chinese? Do you know what the expectations on a first date are with a Chinese man or woman?

  • 4) At work etiquette

    How should I dress when working at a company in China? How do I address my boss?

  • 5) Card games/Mahjong

    Have you ever been walking down the street and seen a group of Chinese crowded around playing a game of cards? What are they playing? What's the difference between Chinese Mahjong and the game on my computer? What are the rules?

  • 6) KTV bars, popular Chinese night life and activities

    Why do I see so many KTV bars? Do all the Chinese love to sing?

  • 7) Cooking Chinese food

    Can anyone cook Chinese food? How do I know the difference between Sichuan and
    Shanghainese food?