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Business Chinese Course

WOWO Mandarin’s Business Chinese courses are designed for professionals working in China who are keen to communicate effectively in Mandarin with their Chinese colleagues and clients. Our business courses range from beginner to advanced level, with a wide range of topical material specifically relating to business activities. In the past we have helped students improve their Chinese to support them in the following fields: Retail Industry, Energy, Nuclear, Transportation, Medical, Finance, Management, Medicine, and many more.

Elementary Level

You will learn how to communicate in a range of common topics which are essential for living and working in China. Covering fundamental Chinese communication in business world, such as daily intercommunication, business etiquette, commercial activities, negotiation and consultation. After completing this level, you will have a solid foundation in mandarin pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence structures and be able to begin building relationships with Chinese business associates.

Intermediate Level

You will be able to discuss business critical areas such as finance, banking, electronic business, marketing, international trade and negotiations. You will be able to deal with your daily work with fluent Chinese and arrange business activities without too much difficulty.

Advanced Level

You will be able to conduct discussions at all levels of the organization and gather information from various sources using Mandarin. You will also be able to acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese society and business etiquette and discuss current topics regarding the Chinese and world economic situation. Finally, you will learn and understand plenty of concrete business terms and phrases that will polish your business Chinese to a professional level.