Welcome to WOWO Mandarin School

About Us

WOWO Mandarin Language Training Center was founded in 2011 and since then has successfully established itself as a prominent, professionally-run center for those learning Chinese as a second language.

Located in the center of Shanghai, we provide a cozy and friendly learning environment, which will facilitate your language learning as well as helping you bridge the cultural gap. Our study programs will build up your confidence and equip you with the necessary vocabulary to prepare you for the world of work and/or making friends with native Chinese speakers.

WOWO Mandarin only selects qualified, experienced and professional teachers to ensure a constantly high quality of teaching. Our faculty is made up of enthusiastic instructors who not only set out to improve your Chinese, but who are also sensitive and understanding towards your personal needs and aspirations. We value communication and open-mindedness, and aim to make students feel at ease and enjoy the language learning experience.